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White Pine Island Stories, book 5


Love requires just the right recipe.


When Hazel Weaver lands a dream internship as a pastry chef at the famous Grand Hotel on White Pine Island, she pours her heart into sweet desserts and stunning wedding cakes. Icing and confections fall under her spell, but the reclusive head chef at the hotel keeps her at a bittersweet distance.


Ian Dodd learned a painful lesson when a kitchen romance turned to disaster, and he vowed never to fall for someone in the restaurant business again. Especially not a beautiful and sweet baker assigned to his kitchen as part of her training. He resists her as long as he can, believing he’s protecting both of them until a Valentine’s Day Ball provides some magic and a secret ingredient.



Can two hearts heal in time for Valentine’s Day?


Francie Donati loves making fine wines in her family business on White Pine Island. Along with her brother and grandfather, she carries on the tradition even after a tragic sailing death takes the life of her father. A year after his loss, she can’t get her mind off the heroic Coast Guard Commander who tried to save him. Although he seems unapproachable, Francie knows there is plenty of heart bubbling beneath his surface.


Lieutenant Commander Chris Sparks believes in honor and service at his island Coast Guard Station. Saving lives and keeping the ocean safe are beliefs that run through his veins. When a beautiful vintner tempts him with her sweetness, he relives his regret of the night he failed to save her father. More than that, Francie Donati believes in the power of family so strongly that she won’t look the other way when Chris gives up on his own parents. Is Francie’s love strong enough to make Chris stop bottling up his feelings and risk his heart?




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