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book cover Her Lucky Prize

As a kindergarten teacher, Jazz Shepherd has plenty of heart. What she doesn’t have is plenty of luck. In charge of her school’s fundraising efforts, Jazz plans a charity Halloween party that goes horribly wrong and threatens the future of her beloved Catholic elementary. If she can’t raise enough cash to get the school out of trouble, it will close and she’ll be out of a job.


Handsome firefighter Kurt Reynolds loves serving the people of Bluegill, but his heart belongs to Jazz Shepherd. His problem? She’s always running into trouble. Not only is she distracted by her school’s financial fiasco, she also ends up helping the FBI sniff out a string of crimes involving teenagers, their grandparents’ prescription drugs, and a seedy local tanning salon.


Despite battling her bad luck and bad guys throughout the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons, when the New Year rolls around, Jazz finds that being lucky in love is all she really needs.




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